Cultural change, one step at a time. is a change engagement software that puts people at the center of organizational change. Small and continuous actions that translate into a large impact on the organizational level.

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Nudging for sustainable organizational change makes the concept of nudging digital. Nudges are small and continuous impulses that put people on the path of better decisions 

... without discouraging rules, regulations, or bans. 

Our nudges are:


  • Tailored to each individual's identity and context at the workplace or remote 
  • Habit-forming nudges for sustainable change


  • Give individuals the confidence to master challenges stemming from change
  • Empower responsible behavior at individual level


  • Backed by Nobel-prize winning science 
  • Every single nudge is created and validated scientifically by behavioral scientists

How it works

Our solution is based on behavioral science to activate and enable change in organizations. 

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    Define change areas

    We offer several packages that address common change or transformation challenges. Choose the right package for your organization. 

    Organizational goals
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    Individual nudges

    We deliver personalized activity nudges to your employees when they need it the most: in the flow of their day-to-day business. They are aligned with personal as well as organizational objectives. Small and actionable advice to drive change from bottom-up and top-down.

    Individual nudges
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    Measurable results

    Create a company culture that embraces change and empowers individual action - with a data-driven approach. Track organizational agility and capability. 

    Measurable results

Select the right nudge package for your change program

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Remote work nudges

Establish a team culture in remote and hybird work settings by building connection wihtin distributed and dezentralized teams.

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Leadership nudges

From good to great leaders: support managers to become impactful leaders by unlocking higher purpose in their teams and organizations.

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Compliance nudges

Guide your employees through new standards, changing regulations, and different codes to promote ethical behavior. 

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Wellbeing nudges

Help your employees to identify their needs and provide coaching moments that foster happiness, self-fulfillment, and mental health.

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Sustainability nudges

Engage your employees into positive action and master today’s social and environmental challenges with our sustainability package. 

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Digitalization nudges

Silo mentality in teams hinders digitalization efforts. Our nudges optimize team networks to embrace a data-driven and innovative mindset.

Seamless integration with your existing systems

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Contact us

Are you undergoing an organizational change process, want the people of your organization to thrive on change, or are you generally interested in us? Feel free to contact us! 

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